Tuesday, July 12, 2016


To The Reader,

     If things went the way they were supposed to, you are viewing an American flag and a patriotic American Youtube video playlist.  You might be wondering if I am a patriotic American.  Yes, I am.  In fact, I am a veteran of the US Army and the Texas National Guard.  I got out with an honorable discharge, a Specialist rank, and a five rows of ribbons, if that means anything to you.  I thank Uncle Sam for taking me to South Korea and to Iraq on his tab.  I love my country, warts, dimples, and all.

     I was born and bred in Texas but you can crawl on back to the hole you slithered from if you think I'm a good ole Southern boy.  You can keep your redneck rebel Confederate flag at your house, not mine.  My dad was born here and mom in Mexico.  You can say I am a proud American with deep roots in both Mexico and Texas.  I have family in Mexico and America, but most of us live in Texas.  This should come as little surprise since Mexico spanned Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, part of Wyoming, and part of Colorado before the end of the Mexican-American war.  Despite my roots, I am proud to be American, especially with the current state of Mexican affairs.

     I'll write more later, when I feel like posting something to Blogger.com.  If you want to study me, check out what's left of my music choice on Myspace at lxdgr8, my boards on Pinterest  at alexmartinezjr, or my page on Facebook, also under lxdgr8.  Anyway, may the God of the Jews and Christians save and bless you.

Quite sincerely,